Permanent Hires

Permanent Hires

Choosing the right permanent employee can be a very challenging process. At The Life Sciences Recruitment Company we understand the emotional, monetary and time consuming aspects of acquiring and onboarding a new hire in such a regulated industry.

We ensure our sourcing and vetting procedures are succinct with our clients absolute requirements whilst adding value beyond their expectations.


Your vacancy is unique and so is our approach. Our search technique ensures you are represented with professionalism and discretion throughout our networks. It is important that candidates have a recruitment journey that replicates the values and approach of your organisation. We maintain a constant contact with our network of professionals, whether it be by calling them, or interacting on social media, we’re always communicating with some of the best talent in the industry.


Retention of staff is always a major problem in the recruitment process. This can be down to organisational culture and/or poor management but often it will be down to poor recruitment. Our vetting process includes telephone and face to face meetings with our candidates before submitting them to you.

It is not enough for a candidate to match the required skillset of a job; good recruitment should be so much more. We invest a large amount of time to fully understand our clients’ and candidates’ attitudes, aspirations, motivators and behaviours to make sure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of your success.

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