Executive Search

Executive Search

LRC Search provides you with a methodical soft approach to sourcing the foremost senior talent and executives in the market. Our team is award-winning and critically, has a 100% delivery success rate with all searches conducted. Our average time to hire from point of instruction is an impressive 9 weeks with some searches delivered to up to a month in advance.

Why initiate a retained search?

Time saving

There is no contest that to divert your expertise and attention to the tasks associated with performing a search does not make good business sense; nor is it a wise use of internal resources. The task of doing a comprehensive search is time consuming.
We furnish you with the candidates that meet your precise and unique specifications in a timescale that meets your commercial needs.
You will receive pre-qualified candidates that are selected against your specifications, which we will work with you in developing.  You benefit from the use of the full portfolio of time tested traditional methods of candidate discovery in addition to the use of cutting-edge data mining and headhunting techniques.


Public Relations Control

In highly defined specialized markets such as Generics/ Pharmaceuticals, professionals are tightly connected due to cross-hiring, professionals transferring from one competitor to another and sometimes just through word of mouth. Who should and should not know internally and externally about your recruitment strategy can be critical from a Public Relations Control viewpoint. There may also be market competitors or commercially sensitive market partners/ allies which justify a confidential search.  Your information and public relations will be handled with security, confidentiality and responsibly to bring about the most desirable effect in the process, we will take a full brief from you and coordinate PR, Marketing and Advertising according to your specific commercial interests.

Brand strength

Another aspect of P.R. control would be the handling of candidates for you in the process, particularly those not selected need to come away from the process with a good taste in their mouth and feel they were handled professionally and with respect.

Pre-sold, qualified, and interested candidates

By pre-sold we mean that we work with you to develop your unique and compelling recruitment proposition that answers why someone would want to come to work in your organization.  LSR will then deliver candidates that are attracted to your opportunity because they already have a sense of the company situation, culture, team, future challenges. This prepares them and they become pre-sold before they sit down in from of you and are enthusiastic about coming to join the group.


Before you meet with any prospective executive hire, we provide you with a fully vetted selection of front-runners. We work with you to customize an assessment strategy with a series of qualification benchmarks that will furnish you an executive slate that can deliver what you need and want for your organization.

Market Intelligence

You will be kept informed every step of the way with progress reports on the assignment. We provide you with full activity roadmap to give you a clear idea of the target candidate market.  Often times this information serves as valuable competitive intelligence, knowing who does what at competitors and potential future competitors.


Search Methodology

search methodology large Life Science


For more information about our Executive Search packages or to speak in more depth about a role, please call  +44 (0) 203 640 2134

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