Brexit; the Impact on the Role of the QP in the UK

Posted by: September 8th, 2016
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Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) in June’s referendum, the pharmaceutical industry has been speculating and discussing the consequences and uncertainties that will follow in the exit negotiations. A key discussion point has been the future of the QP and as a result how this will impact the pharmaceutical industry in the UK as a whole.

The LRC recently hosted an event to discuss the potential outcomes, inviting QP’s and senior professionals working in Quality to an evening to network and debate questions with senior industry members.

Much of the discussion focused on exit negotiations; what aspects of EU directives (if any) will the UK implement and what opportunities and challenges will this present to the role of the QP in the UK?

Some of the key discussions included;

  • Will the UK keep the QP role?
  • Could the UK adopt the EEA Norwegian model?
  • Will recertification be required for exports to the EU?
  • What is the future of EU QPs in the UK?

There are currently no definitive answers and, given the complexities of the exit strategy, will no doubt change frequently over the next two years. It would be too early to suggest whether this will positively or negatively impact the role of the QP in the UK, however the uncertainty will have consequences during the transition period.

We are looking to engage with QP’s in the UK to hear their thoughts and to promote discussion within the industry. We have an established QP community ( and would like to invite new members to join to keep up with the latest news and to engage with other industry professionals.

We will be hosting a series of similar events and so please do get in touch to register your details should you be interested in attending in the future.

For more information regarding the recent event and discussion points that were raised, please get in touch directly.

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